Now that both New York State and the Diocese of Albany have lifted most COVID restrictions for churches, it’s time to begin the transition to post-COVID parish life. The diocesan standing committee is leaving it up to each parish to come up with its own plan. But they’ve asked us to consider the unvaccinated, children under 12, immuno-compromised, and others who may still be wary of rushing to normal when we make our plans.

8:00 Zoom Morning Prayer will Continue
This will be permanent. It’s now serving those who can’t attend our face-to-face services for reasons other than COVID. This means we’ll still keep our communion service time at 10:00 am

Socially Distanced and Non-Socially Distanced sections
We will reserve the back pew on the pulpit side of the church for those who are still waiting to be vaccinated or who feel more comfortable socially distanced. NOTE: we will not require proof of vaccination.

Congregational Singing
It’s back! We will have both hymns and service music. I printed new bulletins with the service music for the occasion.  If you’re in the social-distanced section, we ask that you wear your mask when singing.

Back in both kinds (if you choose). We will also return to distributing communion at the altar rail. It’s okay if you do not want to receive the cup (again it’s all up to you). For the social-distanced section, I’ll come to the pew like I’ve always done (wafer only).

We can resume passing the offering plate. Folks in the social-distanced section can still drop their offering in the box at the back of the church.